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Gres Panaria Portugal S.A. was established in 2006, when the second industrial unit of the Panaria Group in Portugal was acquired. Gres Panaria S.A., integrated in the prestigious Italian group Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A, is one of the worldwide reference ceramic companies.

In 2002 Panariagroup purchased the first industrial unit in Portugal, located in Ílhavo, manufacturing materials, namely for Maronagres, today called Margres. Afterwards, the second industrial unit in Aveiro was purchased in 2005, a unit that manufactured materials for Novagres, which changed the name to Love Tiles in 2008, after a rebranding action.

These two industrial units have an installed capacity of 8 million m2/year. Gres Panaria Portugal S.A. employs about 500 people.

In 2023, it reinforces its national leadership with the acquisition of Gresart Ceramica.


Margres is one of the leading brands in the porcelain stoneware for floorings and coatings sector. It started production in its industrial unit of Ílhavo, in 1982, being then one of the first porcelain stoneware factories in the world.

Margres is exclusively dedicated to the production of porcelain stoneware, a premium product providing solutions for any type of construction in private or public spaces due to its high technical advantages. The features that make this product unique stem from the use of the most modern state-of-the art technology, high quality raw materials and an aesthetic concern that meets the contemporary architecture’s demands.

Margres is a reference brand in the domestic market and has a great presence in the international market.

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The head office of GRESART, founded on July of 1981, is located in the heart of the center region of Portugal, where, due to the abundance and quality of raw materials and human resources, the best tradition in the portuguese Ceramic Industry was consolidated.
As it took the challenge of modernisation, continuously investing in the upgrading of its industrial equipments, improving manufacturing techniques, and the Know-How of its Human Resources; it joined up with a limited group of portuguese ceramic companies that bear the NP EN ISO 9001 Standard Certification.
Thus, in its continuing quest for the best combination between technical and human resources, always aiming to manufacture products that best meet the demands of our customers; we pride ourselves in honouring the tradition of the portuguese ceramics industry, and contibute to its enrichment.
Acquired in April 2023 by Gres Panaria Portugal, it became part of the Italian multinational Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.

The brand Love Tiles emerges in May 2008, having replaced the Novagres brand. This new name, connected to an emotional marketing concept, expresses the brand’s style, which invites you to feel each space of your home through elegant, exclusive and unrepeatable environments.

Love Tiles is a specialized brand in the production of large format, single fired wall tiles, as well as glazed porcelain tiles.

The quality of its products, combined with a cutting-edge design, have both contributed to the consolidation of Love Tiles in the medium-high range segment markets in ceramic coatings and floorings.

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