Get inspired. Create. Transform.

The new Metropolis collection will take you on a sensory journey between the design and the usefulness of ceramics.

Cement knows a reinvention from this porcelain stoneware, able to create spaces with a contemporary and modern style.
Meticulously conceived from the graphic richness of cement, Metropolis is chromatically rich. The serenity of greys, with the Grey and the Light Grey, the sophistication of the Beige and the White, conquer us for their versatility and purity of the material. The colour that gains greater prominence in the collection is Terracotta, with the intensity of earth tones.

Combining beauty and practicality is the great motto of Metropolis. The surface finishes – Natural, Touch, Honed and Non-Slip – not only enhance the visual look of the collection but also provide comfort and versatility. The wide range of finishes invite for the use of this collection, either in an interior space of a family home, in a large and commercial space, or outside.

With no limitations on creativity, Metropolis will help you define your experience.